IgG powder for a healthy immune system

IgG powder for a healthy immune system

Now a day’s lots of health drinks are available in the market that promises to boost your health and strengthen your immune system. The Immunoglobulin G too is a formula that helps you maintain a healthy intestinal immune system. This powder is a purified, diary free product of immunoglobulin G in other words IgG. This creates a binding of a broad range of microbes and toxins within the gut lumen and strengthens the gut immune barrier.

Benefits of using this supplement

Antibodies or immunoglobulin play a very important part in keeping our health in perfect condition. Lots of research has been done to show that the igg powder can be effectively used in neutralizing microorganisms that are found in the intestinal tract. The immunoglobulin is an important antibody found in the blood and extracellular fluid. This antibody controls the infection of the body tissues. This binds different kinds of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi and protects the body from infection.

Sinus, respiratory, gastrointestinal and ear infections occur mainly due to the deficiency of IgG. So taking this supplement regularly will help you fight these infections. But whenever you plan on taking such supplements always consult a doctor and take according to the prescription. The other benefits of taking the igg powder;

  • Helps the immune system by supplying the necessary antibodies or immunoglobulin to the body
  • It helps the body’s natural gut repair pathways.
  • A healthy microbial and cytokine balance is maintained in the gut.
  • It helps in the growth of overall health and well being.

Side effects of using this supplement

Though there is no serious side effect registered yet, if you develop a headache, stiff neck, drowsiness, high fever, light sensitivity, eye pain, or severe nausea or vomiting get medical help as soon as possible.

IgG powder for a healthy immune system

 What is IgG deficiency?

When the body is unable to make enough immunoglobulin G it is called IgG deficiency. With this health condition, you are more prone to infections. This can occur at any age. Usually, when your body comes under attack from outside sources, the body makes immunoglobulin or antibodies to fight the attack. If there is a deficiency then the body will not able to make these antibodies so it needs outside support. At these times taking this supplement comes in handy. Because the supplement provides the body with the antibodies it needs to fight the disease.

The conclusion

Having a correct IgG level in your body is very important so that you can lead a normal and healthy life. So taking the IgG supplements or lactoperoxidase supplement will not only help you to heighten your immune system but also provide your body with the support it needs to make the antibodies it needs when the body is being attacked by a foreign agent. Studies show that nearly 70% of humans have a low immune system. So we need to work on that and see that we lead a healthy lifestyle and have a good diet to help us lead a perfect and happy life.