The best way to increase your limits in eBay selling

The best way to increase your limits in eBay selling

On eBay, there are some limits for new sellers. These limits can be account based, item based and category based. They were introduced these limits to safeguard the buyers from scammers/ sellers. Commonly, these limits will only affect the new accounts with less than 90 days selling history based on the items you sell as well as your DSRs and feedback level. But, you might have certain limits/ restrictions placed on your account.

According to eBay, you have a limit on active items for sale, gross merchandise volume and sold items. This means that the number of items sold the number of existing listings and the complete value of items sold.

In order to maximize your limits in eBay selling, you should contact eBay. To ascertain perfectly what you can do regarding your limits, you just follow the process below to contact eBay for the most suitable checks:

  • Initially, you log into your eBay account and go to “Help and Contact”.
  • This will give a page for looking a number of topics. On the right hand side, click on “selling” and “other selling problems”.
  • In such category, tap on “increase your selling limits”
  • Now, the information will be offered regarding the terms and processes involved. Once you are ready to proceed, you just tap on a “request selling limit increase”.

The eBay should have an automated and advanced system in place to assist guarantee the buyers and sellers can transact with more confidence. In few cases, this system will quickly activate the limits on the facility of seller to list. Also, eBay might place limits based on the length of time or performance on eBay. However, this form of maximize your limits in eBay selling is obviously visible to the compress sellers. It is also essential to keep in mind that the vast majority of existing eBay sellers is not influenced by selling limits of any type.