Perfect Bicycle Rack For You

Perfect Bicycle Rack For You

The simplest bicycle storage system possible is the stands designed for securely placing the bicycle on the floor. These types of solutions have a number of advantages, but they work primarily where there is enough space to put the bike on the floor. A definite plus of this type of systems is the lower price, no need to interfere with the walls or ceiling, as well as very good access to the bike. What’s more, this type of racks very often, in addition to the bicycle storage function, also give the possibility of easy service of our car including activities such as drive maintenance.

What’s more –

Systems designed for placing the bike on the floor are usually very versatile. So there is no problem here with the weight of the bicycle (important, e.g. with electric bicycles) or its type.

Wall fittings are another popular system. Here we can count on a really huge variety of proposals. The simplest handles are designed for the lightest bikes, e.g. road bikes. They are based largely on the laws of physics in the end, all you have to do is support your bike at one point so that gravity and the grip of the tires do the rest. For this type of system, both mountings are available to position the bike horizontally (good for narrow spaces, for example) or vertically. In this segment, there are also very “designer” handles that simply look interesting on the wall, and at the same time display the bike itself. Thanks to that, they ask for installation in e.g. a living room.

Another option is ceiling mounts that act largely like a bicycle elevator. Of course, their plus is space saving, especially in situations where they allow you to mount the bike … horizontally on the ceiling. However, you have to reckon with smaller weight limits of the bike, as well as more complicated assembly of the mount itself. Not everyone will like the view of the bike hanging from the ceiling.

What on the market?

We have prepared for you a list of interesting indoor bicycle racks and holders available on our market. They present the entire cross-section of available variants and will fit different types of bikes.